Being a girl, I know that it’s sometimes hard to fit in with the boys out on the road or the trails. My biggest complaint was that I didn’t always have the skills the boys had, especially when it came to mountain biking. I could just never get up the steep hill with loose rocks, or bunny hop the logs in my path, and the guys always could. I don’t know where they learned to do it, but I’ve got a new plan to turn myself into a pro at the single track.

I just found out about Velo Girls, a Bay Area women’s cycling club that has awesome skills clinics. Basically, you show up and for four hours they give you the inside info on how to ride like a pro. I’m personally planning on attending one of the mountain biking clinics so I can master all those skills that the boys have.  There’s also clinics that will help you learn to master climbing and descending, riding in a large group, and racing tactics. And if you’re a total beginner, they even have a basics clinic that will teach you how to do an emergency stop and how to look behind you while holding your line.

In addition to the skills clinics, their site also lists other resources for women riders, including rides of varying lengths and difficulties, route sheets, and coaching information.