Local blog Living in the O featured a guest post yesterday by Karen Hester, who is “an events organizer of street fairs and same sex weddings and a founding member of Temescal Creek Cohousing. She is an avid biker and does not own a car (or cell phone).”

Anyway, I thought that Karen Hester sounded pretty cool based on that description, and as I read her post, I learned that she’s even cooler than that little blurb makes her sound! Her latest adventure is a foodie bike tour through Oakland. She reasoned that Oakland has a lot of secret foodie gems, and while walking tours are too slow, and bus tours are too sedentary, a bike tour would be just right. Her first set of foodie bike tours will be next weekend, August 29-30, to coincide with the Eat Real Festival at Jack London Square. If you go to Karen Hester’s website, you can find information about cost. If you read her guest post at Living in the O, you can get a discount, so please, go read that post!

I think it’s great to see cycling used in new and interesting ways–and I won’t feel so guilty eating all that food if I know I can burn a few calories off in between each stop!