I’m happy to announce that I’ll be taking this blog on a 2000 mile road trip. It will be filled with fun, excitement, and plenty of shennanigans.

Here’s the story:

The 1988 Suburban that will make the 2000 mile trek
The 1988 Suburban that will make the trip

I just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Wisconsin about two months ago. I came out with a friend who was moving to L.A., and we each had half a Subaru’s worth of stuff. Now, I’m flying back to Wisconsin so that I can drive out to California again, this time with the boyfriend, the cats, and of course the bikes! We purchased a 1988 Suburban and are renting a twelve foot U-haul trailer for the occasion.

My plan is to ride some trails whenever we can between Wisconsin and California, and I’ll be sure to take some great pictures and post them here. There are also plans go cook most of our  meals on our engine while driving, Manifold Destiny style. I guarantee good stories, good photos, and some laughs if you read my posts from the road. After all, don’t you want to know the excitement of living out of a truck and riding random roads whenever you feel like it? You can live vicariously through me, because I know you’re jealous.