I don’t know if it’s true that shabby bikes don’t get stolen, but UK-based desinger Dominic Wilcox doesn’t think they do. He’s created what could be a pretty cool item, if it works.

His anti-theft decals give you clean, shiny frame an “appearance of shabbyness” to prevent potential thieves from recognizing their value. It’s long been a tradition that avioding theft meant a black frame with minimal art or decals, and no flashy wheels or accessories. If the paint could be matte in finish, even better. But with Wilcox’s new decals, maybe that will change.

I have a problem with the decals though, because as much as I don’t want my bike stolen, I also don’t want to appear as though I neglect my bicycle, when in fact I practically worship the thing. Also, there’s just something fun about being stealth with a nice matte black frame. And though it’s dangerous, if you know you’re route, it’s kind of fun to be a bike ninja–and a sleek black frame helps with that, too.