Bike to Work Day is May 13th

It’s that time of year again…time for Bike to Work Day!

As part of my commitment to my Earth Day resolutions, I decided to try biking part of my epic commute. I drive 50 miles each way on any given workday, and I feel pretty bad about my carbon footprint, and my general lack of exercise that are the result of so much drive time. We’ve had a fair number of storms recently in the Bay Area, so I haven’t had a chance to try my new plan yet. I figure Bike to Work Day gives me the perfect opportunity!

So on May 13th, I will be taking BART from MacArthur station to Fremont, the end of the line. From there, I’ll be following the route mapped out below, using Google Maps’ relatively new bicycle directions. For some reason, Google doesn’t let you embed maps that show only the green bike routes that you normally see when using the “by bicycle” option. But this should give you a general idea of where I’m headed–it’s about 20 miles each way:

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Anyway, I encourage you to join in the Bike to Work festivities. Click here for the list of East Bay Bicycle Coalition “energizer stations” and here for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition list of “energizer stations”. If you check out the energizer stations, you can grab some coffee, snacks, and other goodies–definitely good motivation! I know I’ll be stopping at the energizer station at the Fremont BART station before I get on my bike to make the trek to San Jose. If you have a great story about biking to work, please leave a comment…the more we talk about loving being on bikes, the more people will give it a try, and find out they love it too!

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  1. I’m so glad I don’t live 50miles from my place of work! 3 and a half is a leisurely 20 minute spin in the morning: I don’t drive so my bike is my primary means of transportation. When it snowed here earlier in the year, there were a few days when I got to work earlier than colleagues coming by car, at least one occasion when a colleagues car broke down and she didn’t make it into work at all, and I was still happily cycling through the snowy streets! The only downside is the headwind I sometimes get

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